Our Difference

General contractors, architects, and owners have come to depend on specialists for concrete forming, placement and finishing. They recognize that the specialist accumulates experience, know-how and personnel by installing hundreds of jobs per year. Cleveland Cement Contractors does concrete work exclusively, making us the superior choice for jobs requiring specialized concrete experience.

As an experienced concrete specialist, Cleveland Cement Contractors possesses knowledgeable supervision sills, enabling us to cooperate with labor, recognize competent workers and know where to locate them in other areas if local conditions make it necessary. Cleveland Cement Contractors' years of experience add up to appreciable efficiency, real economy and top-quality results.

Cleveland Cement Contractors has the skill, the experience and the references that make us the right choice for all your concrete needs.



Cleveland Cement Contractors, Inc. genuinely cares about the safety of our employees and sees workplace safety as our ethical and moral responsibility. We consider it to be the foundation upon which a true safety culture can be established. Instilling, promoting, and enforcing safety to be second nature for our employees is the basis of our safety program. The key elements of our Safety Program are as follows:

 Safety is our “Core Component”.

  • Safety is a team effort and a requirement for employment.
  • Daily documented Job Hazard Analysis and “Weekly Tool Box” talks with every employee are mandatory.
  • At a minimum monthly meetings with superintendents, foremen and safety personnel on each project.
  • Quarterly safety training with all supervision
  • OSHA 10 and 30 hour training
  • Forklift and Aerial Lift certifications
  • NCCCO Operator certification
  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • Hazardous Communication training, and
  • Provisions for the latest in fall protection systems and personal protective equipment.